Huge Mega Millions Changes Happening October 2017

While usa lotto players are lining up to buy Mega Millions lottery tickets for this Friday’s massive $158 million jackpot, Mega Millions enthusiasts can brace themselves for much higher Mega Millions jackpots in future. Come October, 2017 the Mega Millions lottery will once again be introducing further rule changes, which will no doubt make the game not only more fun to play, but will also make it a lot easier for you to win brand new jackpot records!

Mega Millions changes October 2017

Mega Millions will go head to head with Powerball

Come this October, online lottery players will see both American lottery games, the Mega Millions and the US Powerball go head to head to see who can offer and hopefully break the ‘biggest jackpot in the world record’.

With the US Powerball currently sitting pretty with a mind-boggling $1.6 billion jackpot record, set in January, 2016, the Mega Millions changes will no doubt give the Powerball lottery a run for its money.

Before the Powerball changes, it was the Mega Millions lotto game that held the world record with the $656 million jackpot it awarded in March 2012 to three lucky winners. The prize, which worked out at $471 million in cash, was split between ticket holders from Kansas, Illinois and Maryland. This lottery jackpot record was held for four years until the Powerball surpassed all expectations and hit the magnificent $1.6 billion, which was won by three winners.

With the latest Mega Millions lottery changes this could all change, and usa lotto players could once again have that ticket to a life no one as yet dare dream about. After all, being a multi-millionaire is one thing, but boasting a billionaire status is quite another. If we know you, we reckon you are definitely game, so let’s take a look at what the latest Mega Millions changes are all about.

Here is a list of the changes that will come into effect on October 28th, with the changes coming into effect for the draw on the 31st October, 2017:

October 2017 Mega Millions changes:

Bigger and Better Prizes

The first change to the gameplay and prize divisions, is that the minimum guaranteed Mega Millions jackpot amount is set to increase from the current $15 million to a staggering $40 million. This will without a doubt ensure much bigger jackpots in this all-American favourite lotto game.

Better odds for second tier prizes

The odds for second tier prizes will change from 1 in 18 million to 1 in 12 million.
Third tier prize pay-outs will increase

The prize in the third tier is also set to rise significantly, from $5,000 to $10,000. Not only will this affect the third tier prizes, but looking closely this will also mean that the other prize tiers will also double in prize value. This substantial prize division increase will make the Mega Millions a force to be reckoned with lottery players all over the world, lucky enough to buy Mega Millions lottery ticket online.

The number of Mega Balls will increase

With a chance to win double the amount of money, does however mean that they will be making it harder to win, by increasing the Mega Ball from 15 to 25. Thankfully they have not done so with the main numbers as well. In fact, what they have done is rather remarkable, as when it comes to selecting your main Mega Millions numbers, lottery players will choose the usual five numbers between 1 and 70 instead of 1 and 75.

Summary of the changes to the Mega Millions rules include:

Mega Millions changes 

  Current Rules           
New Rules from October 28, 2017         
Main numbers                
5 from 1 - 75 5 from 1 - 70
Megaball 1 from 1 - 15 1 from 1 - 25
Starting jackpot $15 million $40 million
Match 5 + 1 (Jackpot) 1 in 258,890,850 1 in 302,575,350
Match 5 + 0 (Second Tier prize) 1 in 18,492,204 1 in 12,607,306
  $1 million prize $1 million prize
Match 4 + 1 (Third tier prize) $5,000 $10,000
Match 4 + 0 (Fouth tier prize)
$500 TBD
Match 3 + 1 (Fifth tier prize)
$50 $200
Match 3 + 0 (Sixth tier prize) $5 $10
Match 2 + 1 (Seventh tier prize)
$5 $10
Match 1 + 1 (Eighth tier prize) $2


Match 0 + 1 (Ninth tier prize)
$1 $2

Latest Mega Millions Results

The Mega Millions jackpot is now worth more than $158 million for this Friday night (June, 30, 2017), as there was no jackpot winner for the $145 million jackpot drawing held on June 27.

The Mega Millions winning numbers for June 27, 2017 are: 4-21-45-52-57
The Gold Mega Ball: 14

Mega Millions lottery players can therefore continue trying to win Mega Millions before the changes are made right here at by choosing your lucky lotto numbers and enjoying the thrill and excitement that comes with the Mega Millions.

While the lottery players all over the world are going crazy making sure they buy a EuroMillions Superdraw ticket for this Friday night’s guaranteed 100 million Euro draw, Mega Millions lottery players are playing for $158 million with a cash option of $100 million, and this isn’t even anywhere close to the biggest Mega Millions jackpot of $656 million. The Mega Millions changes are definitely going to bring jaw-dropping jackpot amounts that’s for sure!

You game? We are - and we are ready and waiting for YOU to be crowned the next big Mega Millions record-breaking jackpot winner!

Best of luck!

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