How To Stay Anonymous After Winning The Mega Millions

We all dream of winning a really big lottery jackpot, but the minute we find out that the dream has become a reality, that’s when things get real and the full implications of being the next big winner strikes a nerve. Let’s face it, it takes quite a lot of guts to go public with the whole world knowing you are now worth $100 million, so for those lottery players who need a little help, we have come up with a few rather hilarious ways on how to stay anonymous after winning this Friday’s $134 million Mega Millions jackpot.

How to stay anonymous after winning the Mega Millions

Pack up and move house in the middle of the night

That’s right. The minute you double check your lucky lottery numbers and see that you’ve hit the big one, leave. Just leave. Immediatley refrain from renting a limousine, driving up and down your street shouting –“I’M RICH!” Instead, you need to leave. This way, nobody can come knocking on your door and ask you for free handouts. Besides, if you move to the other side of the state, or world for that matter, you could easily buy a massive luxury estate with all the frills and trimmings, like a brand new supercar or eight, your private helicopter sitting proud on its helipad like a tiara on your roof without all the neighbours never finding out where your money has come from.

Erase your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest accounts

Erase everything about you on the internet. Even your email addresses, phone numbers, the works. If you really wish to stay anonymous you will need to make it really difficult for anyone to find you.

Never speak again

Too much? We think not. Imagine bumping into a long lost Uncle that you last saw at your 16th birthday, and you tell him you are now filthy rich and he should pop on over and come for a visit. Do you really think he will come alone?

Keep all your lottery winnings for yourself

Don’t share. Even if you know of a cousin, sister, your mother who is fighting a battle with an ailment.  Forget about charities, because hey, charity begins at home and you need to resist the temptation to give money away thoughtlessly to remain away from the spotlights. Mind you, thinking about it, you could always find a way to donate a small donation at intervals anonymously to a charity. As long as you never actually show up, or donate a large one-time lump-sum!

Wait a whole year before you spend a single cent

What has to be, has to be unfortunately. Even if you miraculously find a way to successfully claim your prize anonymously, prevented information leaks from your family and best friends, you will still have to deal with literally $134 million burning a hole in your pocket and teasing you to shop till you drop. To stay anonymous, you simply cannot spend a cent.

Or you could play the lottery online

And while the above was obviously an extremely exaggerated account how to stay anonymous, and most of us couldn’t think of anything better than to help poor Uncle Jo with a brand new car, pay our mum’s medical bills, and donate to charity, you do need to be a bit careful.

While quite a few lottery players could easily deal with the paparazzi hounding them while jogging to the gym, buying a litre of milk, and sitting patiently outside your brand new mansions opulent gates every day, there are those who prefer having their privacy.

As you no doubt can see, it’s always better to simply play the Mega Millions online right here at where you can collect your lottery winnings anonymously and enjoy the good life without going completely insane about it.

Make sure you play this Friday's massive $134 million Mega Millions jackpot plus any of the other amazing international lotteries on site for a chance to become the next (perhaps anonymous) Millionaire!

Best of luck!
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After wining you just have stay cool cool

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