The Dash For Cash As Powerball Soars To 337M

Come this Saturday, it’s going to be a dash for cash when ticket sales pick up speed and online Powerball players make another run to buy Powerball lottery tickets to win the jaw-dropping $337 million Powerball jackpot!

337M US Powerball jackpot

Saturday’s jackpot is now estimated at $337 million after no one had the winning Powerball numbers in last night’s (Wednesday, May, 31) draw.

The winning US Powerball numbers are 4, 33, 39, 46, 60 and the red power ball number 6.

With the Powerball jackpot soaring to unbelievable jackpot heights, usa lotto players will need to consider carefully, whether they will opt to take the lump sum jackpot amount or the annuity, if they are lucky enough to win. As a grand prize Powerball jackpot winner, you have the right to choose to receive your money in one of two ways.

Decisions, decisions -- take the annuity with years of very large payments, or take one big lump sum now.

Lump Sum

Most lottery players, regardless of whether the play the Powerball lottery offline or online, never really think about the possibility of winning the lottery, then having to decide to take the lump sum or annuity option. What they do think about is, how wonderful it would be to win a huge amount of money.

When thinking about winning the Powerball lottery, they imagine the full amount of the jackpot at stake falling immediately into their bank account the following day. Although this is not entirely wrong, as the process of confirming the lottery win takes place within 24 hours of the draw, the fact is, that it could take a lot longer to actually receive the money, as there’s quite a lot of vetting that needs to take place first.

For some lottery players, this might sound a little disappointing because imagine that you’ve just won the lottery and have a serious debt situation. You know you have just won $337 million, but you can’t get a few thousand bucks to pay your immediate debts.  Rest assured though, has a 100% payment record, so the thought of your money coming as soon as possible will definitely help those money hunger pangs.

Intelligent lottery winners, and those who have already won huge lotto prizes at will definitely embrace this period of time, knowing that their winnings will come. While waiting for everything to be finalised will also give you the time to sit down and really have a long, hard think about what you should do with all that money you have just won. After all, once the excitement of winning this Saturday’s life-changing Powerball jackpot has slightly subsided, you will realise that winning this kind of money is serious business.

Making the best possible decisions during is extremely important, as you don’t want to end up like so many other lottery winners who blew it all. There are so many stories out there about lottery winners who won ridiculous amounts of money only to spend it all within a very short time period and end up where they started – completely broke. You will be amazed at how many winners simply cannot deal with having millions of dollars.

Annuity Payments

By opting to receive your Powerball winning in the form of an annuity pay out, you will receive the prize annually over a long period of time, most often than not around 30 years. For most people, this option seems utterly ridiculous, and it might remind them of receiving a rather large, but still very much like a salary still.

After all, if you win, say, three hundred million dollars and choose to get your prize in annual payments, you will “only” get around ten million dollars per year.

Sure enough, better than the standard salary of $40.000, but still, not enough if you want to spend some serious cash, and instantly feel like a millionaire.
Take the money and run

By taking the lump sum, you will be able to invest each and every penny of the whole prize exactly the way you want. And as we know, lottery players all have their own unique dreams of how they will spend their lottery win. The cash option has proved far more popular with players in recent years, with only five jackpot winners between 1999 and the start of 2016 opting for an annuity.

But wait! Remember we spoke about those lottery winners that managed to lose all their money in an absurdly short time? This is why it’s so important to speak to a financial advisor. We cannot emphasise this enough, and although we often mention this, we shall continue to do so, in order to make sure that you remember this, even though you are shocked, excited and can hardly think of anything else but the fact that $337 million has just landed in your lap.

Seems like the winners now have a lot to consider -- what to do with their millions? Frankly, that doesn't seem like a bad problem to have.

Seasoned online lottery players will know just how exciting playing a really huge lotto jackpot can be. Knowing that you too stand a chance to win the top jackpot prize, at a fraction of the price with our weekly discount offers here at, to win an extraordinary high amount is an opportunity not to be missed. Anyone can win, it’s all in the numbers, and if your numbers come up – you win!

When was the last time that you daydreamed? And I don’t mean a fleeting 5 seconds wishing you had something, I’m talking about a proper, lose yourself for a while, colourful, visual, realistic daydream about attaining everything your heart desires!

Remember, logic will get you from A to B but your imagination will bring you to where you will find all the best international lotto jackpots on offer, to make every daydream a reality!

For those of you who have still never played the Powerball lotto game, register now on - within a few seconds you will already be able to buy a Powerball ticket online – giving yourself the best opportunity ever to live the life of a lottery jackpot winner!

Best of luck!
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