The Funniest Powerball Lottery Tweets Ever!

They say that “happiness is in the eye of the beholder” and this is absolutely true, but let’s face it, winning tonight’s $155 million US Powerball jackpot and having all that money come crashing into your bank account will definitely make anyone a lot happier.  If you thought you would be happy with the Powerball win, wait till you see the following Tweets.

When the US Powerball jackpot reaches extraordinary heights, like tonight's massive $155 million up for grabs right here at, it seems like all anyone can talk about is how they would spend their massive Powerball win.

Now some would like to pay off debts, retire parents, or make sure that their children have the best education plus a really nice home. Some would love to travel the world or quit their jobs, but there are a few US Powerball lottery players who love to take to Twitter and come up witht he most hilarious Tweets about Powerball. Let's face it, the prospect of winning millions on the Powerball lottery can be one of the most exciting and thrilling possibilities in one’s life - so let's take a look at some Powerball tweets:

Everyone's dreaming of winning Powerball

Gabriel Iglisias says, "My dog refuses to talk to me until I buy him a Powerball ticket. The lottery is affecting everyone." 

Well, Gabriel, you better logon to - after all your pooch is your best friend and he might just feel something in his bones about your lucky Powerball numbers you should be playing tonight.

Powerball tweets

Alison seems to be rather confused about Powerball and we can only imagine what she would do if she had to win $155 million!

Powerball tweets

Sophia's definitely in love that's for sure. While some lottery winners pack their bags and start a brand new life away from their spouses, Sophia's got plans to move in regardless if she wins or not.

Powerball tweets

Alyson got her priortities in order that's for sure. Here's hoping her "go-getter" attitude will pay off and she wins the jackpot tonight - she's definitely got her lucky Powerball ticket - have you?

Powerball tweets


No matter what your dream plan is for your life after a lottery win, these kinds of daydreams can give you some real insight into how you can change your life and live a little richer today.

Winning the US Powerball lottery is definitely high and on the top of many people’s wish-lists.  The main reason for this is the fact that most people want to stop working and just enjoy everything that this world has to offer.  Mike Reen definitely has a huge list of dreams he would like to fulfill:


Powerball tweets

Powerball tweets

Kеер dreaming – nеvеr stop dreaming. You never know, it might just be your lucky Powerball numbers that come up in tonight's draw.

Millions of online lottery players, аll аrоund thе world, аrе playing the usa lotto and winning prizes еvеrу week. At we not only give you the opportunity win millions but ensure that you have fun at the same time!

But to make sure you have the best possible shot of taking down this incredible Powerball jackpot - what you really need to do is, buy a Powerball lottery ticket right now.

Hello! There’s $155 million waiting to be won!

Best of luck!

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