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Lottery Winners That Claimed Their Winnings In The Nick Of Time

Lottery players play the lottery with the ultimate goal in mind – to win the jackpot, but time and time again we hear about people that have taken to time to purchase lotto tickets and then completely forget to double check if their lucky numbers have come in. These are the unlucky few, who either forgot about having tickets or lost the tickets. Thankfully though, there are also those who know have realised that they have won, find the ticket and claim the win just in the nick of time.

What Your Star Sign Would Buy If You Won The Jackpot

You're a winner already, but a million dollars or two wouldn't hurt you, would it? At some point in time we’ve all had a conversation or at least thought about what we would do if they won the lottery. For online lottery players, who love to read your start signs (even if it’s just for fun or pass the time) you’ve more than likely also pondered if there's anything that astrology can reveal about your future and winning the lottery. Who knows, maybe you were born to be a lottery winner, according to astrology, right?

2018 Lottery Ads You Definitely Want To See!

We live in a world of advertising. It is a world of our making, of course, as we strive to better ourselves by opening up the pages of our favourite magazine with glossy ads for clothes, shoes, cars, or beer. We turn on the television, and smiling faces on television try to sell us soup, toothpaste, candy, and of course the opportunity of a better life that the lottery of all things could deliver instantly.

Is Playing The Lottery Online Making Paper Tickets Obsolete?

The minute it was possible to play the lottery online it became a global phenomenon. Seasoned lottery enthusiasts will remember that back in the Jurassic era, we used to line up and buy lottery tickets from local supermarket, patrol station, or lottery ticketing agent. Do you still do so, or have you migrated to buying your tickets online? Online of course. By doing so, you are privy to the world’s best international lotto games where the jackpots are a lot bigger and the benefits outstanding.
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