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The MegaMillions Lottery


History Of The Mega Millions Lottery:

The Mega Millions is an American lottery game which is played in multiple jurisdictions across the country (and indeed, the world), with the first draw taking place in 2002. It also holds the proud title of giving off the largest recorded lottery win in American history. In March 2012, a $656 million annuity value (cash value $474 million) jackpot was won, and split three ways due to three winning tickets.
The  MegaMillions Lottery  

How To Play The Mega Millions Lottery:

The Mega Millions game currently uses a 56 ball pool for the main number selection, out of which you need to select five numbers. The Mega Ball comes from a pool of 46 balls, of which you select one number. The 5+1 number combination, if chosen correctly, could see you walking away with a massive win, even with the minimum jackpot prize which will be $15 million as of 22 October 2013. The ball system is set to improve when the game structure is updated; the 56 ball pool will be increased to 75 balls, and the Mega Ball pool will be reduced from 46 to just 15 balls. The result of these new changes will be overall odds of about 1 in 15 of winning any prize, which is a vast improvement over the current odds of 1 in 40. The odds, however, of hitting the full jackpot is a very tall order of 1 in 258.9 million (the current odds are a relatively “tame” 1 in 175.7 million).


Payment of winnings for both USA lotteries is subject to federal and applicable state taxes deducted from them.

The Megaplier structure is also set to experience a change in October, with the multiplication factor being increased to five (currently four). This means that a Mega Millions ticket holder has the potential to win up to $5 million without even needing to match all six numbers.

The Mega Millions draws take place twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday. Draws are held at 23h00 Eastern Time. Players can be assured of their entry into the US Mega Millions lotto game, as the entry tickets are obtained via our purchasing office based in Connecticut, USA prior to every draw.

Normal balls
(pool of 56)
Mega ball
(pool of 46)
5 1 Jackpot
5 0 $250,000
4 1 $10,000
4 0 $150
3 1 $150
3 0 $7
2 1 $10
1 1 $3
0 1 $2


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