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The El Gordo Lottery


From October 1997, the monthly El Gordo de la Primitiva draw changed to weekly. It's organised by a group established by Royal Decree in 1985 to run national lotteries in Spain - Loterías y Apuestas del Estado.

Since its launch not many chanegs have been made to the structure of the El Gordo lottery game. The  Spanish public play every week with great gusto. In 2005 an additional prize division was added to the existing eight, increasing prize winning odds for all the enthusiastic lottery players.

The prize structure for the game is as below:

Prize Tier Match
Jackpot 5 Balls + Key Number
Tier 2 5 Balls
Tier 3 4 Balls + Key Number
Tier 4 4 Balls
Tier 5 3 Balls + Key Number
Tier 6 3 Balls
Tier 7 2 Balls + Key Number
Tier 8 2 Balls
Tier 9 0 Balls + Key Number

The El Gordo La Primitiva jackpot has a starting minimum of €5 million and will rollover until the first prize is won - meaning the jackpot can grow to six times its starting amount. The biggest jackpot prize won to date was a €33 million first division prize in 2011. Prior big wins include the €25 million jackpot in September 2012, and €27 million in 2008. New legislation has been passed in the Spanish government, which states that a 20% government tax will be levied on all lottery winnings exceeding €2,500. The El Gordo de la Primitiva lottery is drawn every Sunday at 1pm (GMT+1) in Madrid and broadcast over the radio and on television.

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