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Lottery Jackpot Time/Date  
It SuperEna Max EU  €195,000,000
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Us Mega Millions US  $67,000,000
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Europeanunion EuroMillions EU  €31,000,000
Play now
Es Spanish La Primitiva EU  €30,700,000
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Us PowerBall
Results Pending
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Europeanunion EuroJackpot EU  €18,000,000
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It SuperEnaLotto EU  €17,300,000
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Us SuperLotto Plus
Results Pending
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Au Oz Lotto US  $14,000,000
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Au Oz Powerball US  $14,000,000
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De Lotto 6aus49
Results Pending
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Es El Gordo EU  €6,000,000
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Gb UK Lottery UK  £4,100,000
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Fr France Loto EU  €3,000,000
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Br Mega-Sena
Results Pending
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Raffle Draw size Time/Date  
Es Loteria Nacional Extra EU  €84,000,000
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Top 10 Affluent Countries (Part.2)

Today marks a very important time in lottery land, as it's Wednesday which means another big U.S. Powerball jackpot draw is looming.  Today's first prize jackpot is a massive $40 million in U.S. dollars, and with lucrative second and third place prizes up for grabs, it's bound to be an exciting evening for loyal players of  While you scramble to get your lottery numbers in and dream of that big lotto jackpot win, let's conclude our collection of the top 10 richest countries worldwide - just in case you may be inspired to take a lavish family holiday once you've won.

Top 10 Affluent Countries (Part.1)

The world is surrounded in opulence and decadence; one only has to look at the amount of gold incorporated in various buildings in the U.A.E (United Arab Emirates) to notice that the lifestyles of the populace truly are on a grander scale than that of the average ‘blue-collar’ country.  A country is considered wealthy when its citizens earn enough to support all of their needs.  The countries generally have a high GDP per capita.  For the purpose of our list, the GDP value has been calculated and measured in US Dollars.  Here is our review of the world’s richest countries.

Mega Millions/Powerball Weekend Lottery Review

Weekends are popular for many reasons including two of the most exciting US lottery game draws of the Mega Millions and Powerball jackpot games.  These games are notorious for paying out large prize jackpots, hosting gargantuan rollovers and are by far the most successful and well known lottery games in the US.  By employing online lottery vendors such as you too can be part of the action no matter where in the world you’re from.  If you’re not a member visit the online site and register today – for those who are members, let’s have a look at what transpired at this weekend’s jackpot draw:

Welcome to, arguably the most trusted and reliable online lotto ticket vendor available online which guarantees our subscribers entry into fourteen of the world's most established, popular, and lucrative international lotto games. When playing the lottery online via our secure portal, your physical location isn't important - what is important, is giving lotto enthusiasts from literally all over the world the chance to win incredible jackpot prizes!

With PlayUSAlotteries being in operation for nearly two decades, not only are we a well-established entity within the online lotto community, but we are one of the most respected as well. With a proven track record backing the impressive range of services we offer (100% payout rate for all winnings accrued via our portal) as well as being one of the most secure eCommerce websites which employs some of the stringest encryption and security protocols available to the market; our player safety and satisfaction is of utmost important to us.

Upon your simple and effortless registration and your first deposit, you will be afforded guaranteed entry into some of the biggest international lotto titles to be found anywhere - which can all be found on our Play Now page. We offer our players a hand-picked selection of the finest, most lucrative lotto games; where the jackpot prizes on offer can quite easily reach well into nine digits. In any language, in any currency; that's a whole lot of winnings waiting to be enjoyed! Now it is possible for overseas players to gain guaranteed entry into illustrious and mega-jackpot lotto games such as the US Powerball, famous for its $40,000,000 guaranteed minimum jackpot and biggest-ever jackpot prize awarded to a single-ticket winner; a jaw-dropping $590,500,000! The game selection on the PlayUSAlotteries portal is varied, and includes other top-tier international lotto games such as the biggest Euro lotto brand, the EuroMillions; the venerable UK Lotto; and even the insanely lucrative SuperEna Max lotto game, renown for its consistent nine-digit jackpot prizes.

In addition to your guaranteed entry into these wildly popular international lotto brands, as a subscriber you are also privy to all the latest lotto results; released shortly after every draw. This ensures that you won't miss out on a single draw - also, if your lucky lotto numbers yield a win over $/€/£2,000 then a representative will personally be in contact with you to not only congratulate you on your win, but to personally assist you through the quick and efficient payout process. Your winnings can either be credited to your PlayUSAlotteries account, or it could be paid out to your banking account - the choice is yours to be made. Our portal is available for play in thirteen different languages, so whether you are entering from the USA, Russia, Poland, South Africa or even Japan - you are able to play the lotto online not only from the comfort of your own home (or even while you're on the move), but in your home language as well! How's that for sheer convenience?

Players are also afforded up-to-date, detailed lottery information on each lotto brand offered on the PlayUSAlotteries portal - so if there are any games on offer which you might be unfamiliar with, instead of steering clear of it you can rather be clued up on the gameplay and history in no time at all. The How to Play tab is a great help to first-time players who are uncertain on how to proceed - however, if you do run into any issues or difficulties during your online lotto experience with PlayUSAlotteries then rest assured that our world-class helpdesk team (proficient in thirteen international languages) will always be on call to offer their professional assistance in order to make your experience with the best possible one ever.

As a subscribed player, be sure to check out our Competitions page, where there are frequent prize giveaways and promotions to be enjoyed - these are definitely not to be missed out on! If you haven't yet experienced the thrill and endless excitement of playing the lottery online and competing for often-immense international lotto jackpot prizes, then subscribe to today to join the ranks of like-minded enthusiastic lotto players from all over the world who are all competing on a global platform for amazing winnings. Welcome to!

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